Purex w/Zout Giveaway Winners

I had thirteen entries into the Purex giveaway this time around. Thank you to everyone for participating, I am so excited to be able to give you the chance to try out this awesome product. I used some on our bathroom rug to handwash a puppy accident and it worked so well. As punishment Xena will be drawing this set of winners. Congrats to Sheryl F. and Karen. Originally Sheryl won twice, but thats not very fair, so we re-drew until we got a second person’s number….which took some time let me tell you.

4 Thoughts on “Purex w/Zout Giveaway Winners

  1. Will we be receiving emails, or should I contact you?

  2. E-mails are going out this morning (we are late risers sorry).

  3. I replied to your email — *Thanks so much* Ang and Purex! I look forward to trying Purex Complete with Zout :)

    p.s. I totally understand … I’m a late riser too ;) Well, if you consider that I don’t make it to bed until anywhere from 2-7am.

  4. Thats totally me. Husband gets home about 1:30am from work and we try to be in bed by 3am. Which means I just got up at noon. ;)

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