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Carbon Neutral Status

You may have noticed my host company Host a Tree is a green host company. What does this mean? It means they have determined how much carbon they use in electricity to power the servers, offices, computers, etc and purchase an equal amount in “green energy” to offset that. This “green energy” is renewable powered, whether with water or wind or whatever. This helps let resources last longer and cuts down on carbon dioxide production. You can read more about Host a Tree’s green initiative here.

While traipsing around today I stumbled across a Carbon Neutral Blog effort. In return for a mention and a button post they plant a tree for you in a region which need reforestation. The idea is to offset the power used to work on the blog itself on your side of the screen. I don’t fool myself into thinking that between the two I am negating my carbon footprint completely, but I do hope it lessens it to a degree. Maybe if I factor in the blueberry bushes I have waiting to be planted I can count it completely even.

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